Win-win deals quadrupled


As a rule, a win-win deal benefits the two parties involved. The wholesale company Berentzen Mally Marketing plus Service GmbH offers more.

As a service provider with a difference, the creative German marketing specialist negotiates win-win deals benefitting four parties, manufacturers, the retail trade, consumers and last but not least, the wholesale company.

“We are marketing branded nonfood goods such as textiles or sports shoes to food traders and senders,” says Managing Partner Dr. Jan Bernd Berentzen.

“We offer customized goods packaged as promotional or special offers complementing the assortment of customers,” adds Managing Partner Karl Mally. “Own brands and exclusive licenced brands such as Black Jack or Briatore are also important.”

Founded in 2007, the company achieves an annual turnover of around ten million EUR. Competence, solidarity and good sourcing are the secrets of Berentzen Mally’s success. The company supports its clients with tailor-made service from sourcing over storage, processing and delivery through to distribution-oriented displays and other promotion tools. Against this background, Berentzen Mally founded BMD-Top Log in cooperation with partners.

Together with brand suppliers the company takes on the clearing of the market for second season goods, in the domestic market as well as in other European markets. “It is crucial to be a reliable partner at both market levels,” This is the philosophy of the management of Berentzen Mally. On the basis of this philosophy, the company aims to continue its success course in the coming years.”